Market Monday 4016-18


Welcome to Market Monday.  Here you can check out the latest real estate activity in the Shoreline CT Towns of Branford, Guilford and Madison, CT over the previous 7 days.  

The focus is on new listings, contract received and homes that have changed their status to SOLD!  This week there were a total of 45 New listings (10 in Branford, 14 in Guilford and 21 in Madison).  36 homes received contracts (that’s a lot! 7 in Branford, 17 in Guilford and 12 in Madison).  21 changed from Show to Deposit indicating that they are in the soon to close stage (8 in Branford, 6 in Guilford and 7 in Madison).  And a total of 8 homes closed (2 in Branford, 1 in Guilford and 5 in Madison).

As you would expect in the busy spring market, there are quite a few new listings.  But, it’s not enough to keep up with the homes going on contract and closing!!  New listings are needed – if you are thinking of buying or selling, now is your time.  It’s a perfect time to sell and either buy up or downsize.  

For the first time in almost 15 years, you will hear people wondering whether the market is turning from a buyers market to a sellers market.  I would say that we are on our way! The definition of a sellers market is that there are more buyers than there are homes for sale on the market.  With rates still at a very low percent, I foresee buyers will continue to flood the market looking for their new homes.  You will start to see multiple offers and homes that are being sold for more than they appraise for.  My best advice is to get into the game before the craziness starts and spirals.  Sell (relatively) high and buy before prices skyrocket.  

If you’d like to discuss buying and/or selling options, please call me (Heather Dacey) at 203-314-1301 or my business partner, Paula “PB” Baraket at 203-434-1868.  We would love to help you.  And if you would like more information about homes in these towns or others along the CT Shoreline, please sign up for our Neighborhood News Letter –

Happy Monday!