Market Monday 4-2-18


Welcome to the Market Monday Report, a weekly update of real estate activity in the CT Shoreline towns of Guilford, Madison and Branford.  Here is your opportunity for a quick look at new listings, pending sales and sold properties over the past 7 days in these 3 towns.  

In Branford, there have been 15 new listings, 8 homes that have gone on “Show”, 6 that are on Deposit and 3 that have closed.  In Guilford there were 14 new listings, 5 on “Show”, 3 on Deposit and 3 that closed.  And in Madison, there were slightly fewer new listings (9) with 6 on “Show”, 7 on Deposit and 4 that closed.

So … how to interpret this information?  Like the rest of the country, we are starved for new inventory!  With spring on the horizon (although it’s hard to tell that with all these crazy spring snowstorms), we usually have a lot more new homes for sale than we do pending or closed sales.  Not so this week (or last week or the week before that or the week before that!).  Buyers are out, rates are still down and it’s a perfect time for either buying or selling a home.

If you’re thinking of buying or selling your home this year, please call me (Heather Dacey) at 203-314-1301 or my business partner, Paula Baraket, at 203-434-1869  We would love to help you!  And if you’d like even more information on homes in these towns or any others in CT, please sign up for our Neighborhood News feature!